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May 18 2015

Main steps about how to custom the high quality movie cosplay costume

 Movie Costume

May 8, 2015-America-First, please find the wholly body HD photo of the role who you want to custom hi or her
chobits cosplay. Those necessary photos include the photos of roles�� front, back and side. The more of the HD photo the more details that the tailors will get.

Second, you and your tailors need to carefully analyze the clothing construction of the coslay role. The costume need to be as simple as possible. For example, a lot LOLITA clothing can be summed up as close lantern sleeve shirt and skirt 360 which complicated parts could be totally eliminated.

Thirdly, it is very sorry there is also the precondition that each coser should firstly find a good tailor who is willing to communicate with your and give you the largest convenience to help you finish this work. Otherwise, your work could not be finished with high quality.

After your communication with the tailor, please confirm the totally price initially. In general this service could be mainly divided into two conditions. First, the tailoring shop is responsible with all materials and making process. Second, you charge for the materials and the tailoring shop charge for the making. Please carefully remember this point.

After getting the
cosplay costumes, please remember that the modifying for the clothes is very complicated especially for those people who order their cosplay costume on Internet.

So, each people should carefully pay more attention to the following factors.

First, please correct measure your body size and give it to tailor.

Second, before your receive the costume and pay the rest fee, please first carefully check each part of the costume.

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